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Crazy Time Live­ is a thrilling online gambling show that seamlessly ble­nds entertainment and be­tting excitement. Imagine­ vibrant presenters against a backdrop alive­ with colors and a colorful wheel brimming with betting possibilitie­s. This game offers a myriad of bonuses multiplie­rs and unexpected turns to ke­ep the excite­ment levels soaring. Dive­ into a world of interactive sessions e­ngaging hosts and the chance to win big rewards. For those­ who love a dose of fun with their gambling e­xperience the­re’s nothing quite like the­ immersive world of Crazy Time Live­.


Step 1: Join the game: Find a reputable online casino offering Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming. Once you’ve logged in, locate the game in the “Live Casino” section.

Step 2: Place your bets: Before the spinning madness begins, you’ll have a betting window. On the big digital wheel, you’ll see different segments: numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) and four bonus game features (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time). Place your bets on any or all of these segments using your chosen chip value.

Step 3: Spin it up!: Once the betting window closes, the fun begins! The host spins the giant wheel, and a top slot machine above it spins simultaneously.

Step 4: Multiplier magic: The top slot reveals a random multiplier (up to x50) for one of the number segments or a bonus game. If the wheel lands on that segment with the multiplier, your winnings are boosted!

Step 5: Bonus bonanza!: If the wheel lands on a bonus game segment, get ready for an interactive adventure! Each bonus game offers unique ways to win additional prizes or multipliers.

Cash Hunt: Choose a multiplier from a wall of symbols.

Pachinko: Pucks drop onto a pachinko board, revealing multipliers.

Coin Flip: Guess the winning side (red or blue) with a potential doubling multiplier.

Crazy Time: Enter a virtual reality world with a pachinko wall offering even bigger multipliers.

Step 6: Collect your winnings: After the wheel and bonus games have all finished, winning bets are paid out according to their respective payouts and multipliers.


Casino Time Tracker is a tool designed to track and record the results of each rounds in the game Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming. This is mainly used to identify any recurring patterns that might give them an edge.


Track the Crazy Time live game. View results, stats and history of the game with our Crazy Time tracker. See RTP analytics and watch the live stream.



Potential Benefits:


-Provides detailed information

-Informs betting strategies

-May encourage responsible gaming

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