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In the fast-pace d world of online gaming, a fresh competitor is making wave s and winning over gamers globally. Meet “Crazy Time,” a wildly exhilarating game causing quite a stir among the gaming community. Created by Evolution Gaming, a powerhouse brand renowned for the ground-breaking live casino games, Crazy Time has rapidly gained popularity. It serves up a spellbinding mix of pure thrill, wild unpredictability, and – as its name so aptly suggests – absolute craziness.

The birth of Crazy Time

Crazy Time made a splash when it emerge d in 2020 and quickly soared in popularity. It’s a live dealer game that mixes classic casino elements with a fresh, interactive spin. Set in the midst of a colorful, neon-bathe d setting, Crazy Time is brought to life by charming and exuberant hosts who steer players through this exciting journey.

Gameplay Overview

Crazy Time is fundamentally a game that’s centered around a wheel. This whee l is divided into different segments, each providing a variety of multipliers or bonus rounds. The wheel itself is composed of the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, along with four bonus rounds name d Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and of course, Crazy Time. To play, you place a be t on the number or bonus round you think the wheel will stop on. The game gets rolling as soon as the live host gives the wheel a good spin!

The thrill of the wheel

What really grabs your attention in Crazy Time is the wheel’s unpredictability. The rapidly spinning whee l sparks a thrilling suspense among players, all of whom are anxiously waiting to see what comes next. Could it be a simple multiplier or an exciting leap into a bonus round? The total randomness of it all keeps the players perched on the edge s of their seats, turning each spin into a pulse -racing moment.

Bonus rounds

In Crazy Time, four bonus rounds crank up the thrill factor and offer the chance for some serious payouts. The Cash Hunt round lets players pick from a hidden grid of multipliers. They’ll find out their fate with a quick click. In the Pachinko round, they’re transported to a virtual Pachinko machine, where a bouncing ball could lead to substantial multipliers. Coin Flip is straightforward but packed with suspense, as players predict re d or blue. If they’re right, they’ll double their bet. And the n there’s the Crazy Time round. As the game’s signature round, it’s a turbulent mix of multipliers and adrenaline-rushing fun, paving the way for potentially sky-high payouts.

Social Element

Crazy Time is more than just a game; it’s a social event. The live hosts keep things exciting by interacting with players and fostering a vibrant, bustling environment. The game further encourages interactions, as players can chat with each other, sharing in the game ‘s ups and downs. This social dimension adds an extra sprinkle of fun to Crazy Time , transforming it from a mere game into a thriving community.


In the buzzing online gaming universe, Crazy Time has established its own special place and has be come an adventure you simply must experience. Its special concoction of unpredictability, bonus rounds, and player interaction has made it a top pick for those yearning for a heart-racing thrill. As Crazy Time continues to grow and captivate gamers from all corners of the world, it’s clear one thing will never change – this gaming frenzy is he re to stick around. Strap in and prepare yourself for the gaming journey of a lifetime!

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