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In the ever-changing universe of online casinos, there’s this one game that has really caught the attention of players globally, and that’s Crazy Time. It neatly mixes fun and luck into a thrilling cocktail of casino de light. It carries the exhilarating rush of classic game shows and then flips the script to create a brand-new style of gambling that has swept across the scene. In this piece , we’re going to dig deep into the captivating world of Crazy Time. We’ll unpack its features, discuss strategies, and explain how particular scores could change a player’s luck in a flash.


Crazy Time is an incredibly entertaining live dealer game, whipped up by the folks at Evolution Gaming, who are pretty famous for their game offerings. Imagine mixing the thrill of classic casino game s with the energetic vibe of a game show. It’s set against a lively, rainbow-colored background with the spotlight on a huge wheel mounted upright. The wheel is made more enticing with its numerous numbered sections and exciting bonus rounds. Players get to guess the result of each spin of the wheel, and the stake s are high – you could walk away with some seriously big winnings.

Understanding the scores

What makes Crazy Time so engaging is the wide array of possible scores that players can rack up. Think of the wheel as a pie, with each slice representing a different score. Each slice has a number on it – 1, 2, 5, or 10. But what spices things up are the four thrilling bonus rounds – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and of course , Crazy Time itself.

  • If the spin lands on a segment labeled with a number, say 1, 2, 5, or 10, that number will be multiplied with the player’s original bet to determine their earnings. So, let’s imagine you place a bet of $10 and it happens that the needle lands on the ‘5’ segment; your win will the n be a cool $50.
  • For instance, let’s say a player places a bet of $10 and luck is on his side as the wheel stops at the ‘5’ segment. In this case, he would score a payout of $50.

Cash Hunt

In this exciting game , players find themselves in a thrilling bonus round where they have the chance to multiply their winnings! With 108 multipliers on the screen, players are asked to pick a target. Once they do, a cannon launches and hits the chose n target, unveiling their chose n multiplier. This multiplier then boosts the player’s bet, offering the chance to win a seriously impressive prize.


During the bonus round in Pachinko, the wheel releases a puck that playfully bounces around various multipliers locate d at the bottom of the scree n. The fun reaches its peak as the multiplier where the puck eventually lands is applied to the player’s bet, creating an exhilarating multiplying effect.

In the bonus round of Pachinko, the wheel triggers a puck that playfully bounce s around hitting different multipliers at the bottom of the screen.

The excitement builds when the puck lands on a multiplier, which then boosts the player’s bet, adding an intriguing element of suspense.

Crazy Time

Talk about the epitome of thrill! Crazy Time is an adrenaline-pumping bonus round where a mammoth wheel carries eve n bigger multipliers than the main wheel. Players can bag some seriously mammoth wins if the wheel halts on the Crazy Time segment.

Crazy Time re ally ratchets up the thrill factor. It’s a bonus round with a gigantic whee l that boasts even bigger multipliers than the main game. It’s a total adrenaline rush!

Strategies to win

Even though Crazy Time mainly revolves around pure luck, you can sure ly adopt some strategies to make your gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable .Bet Diversification: Spread bets across a variety of segments to increase the chances of hitting a winning outcome.Bonus Round Focus: Some players prefer to focus on specific bonus rounds, believing that these rounds offer higher potential payouts.


Crazy Time is a game -changer in the world of online casinos, offering a whole new level of fun and interactive play for players. With its wide array of scores and exhilarating bonus rounds, every spin promises an exciting journey. And the re’s no question about it – people are loving Crazy Time, and it looks like its popularity isn’t going to dip anytime soon. So, ready to enter the madness and chase those wild score s? It’s time to spin the wheel!

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